Review HW

Brainstorm: Create a wordcloud, 3 short responses to the questions What are the benefits of teaching the arts? using mentimeter. 

2 minutes to read, answer 2 questions

Breakout rooms: 10 minutes to read & answer the questions.

Identify linking phrases, intro information, & clear opinion expression.
Introduction, Presenting an argument & conclusion phrases from pg 165 for a brainstorm.

Ex 4 –  Provide #1 and discuss. Then, do a group brainstorm.

Silent read – 2 min. Then simply looking for: The essay needs to include two of the benefits of teaching practical life skills, with reasons.
Breakout rooms for Ex 6: 10 minutes to complete #1-5

Remind to edit their writing by looking at exercise 8. And, we will have the same homework next week, but you will have to rewrite and incorporate the feedback I provide.

Pg 88: Switch On
Breakout rooms 5 minutes

HW: This article and 120 words answering (+ the 220-260 word essay from pg 87, ex 7.)

  1. Which of the five benefits most deeply resonated with you? Why?
  2. Did you like the article? Why or why not? Justify with reasons.

Next week: Review Independent learning, Unit Check, & Start the Project Research.
HW: Complete the Unit 6 Edmodo Quiz & Do your Project.