Use of English Part 1 & 2
Ex 1: As a class, reference pg 148 in answer explanations
Ex 2: Show one example for substitution & omission
Ex 3: Silent reading 2 minutes for understanding
Ex 4: Breakout rooms
*If comfortable, stories of any “mixed” parents/students/family/friends/public figures, etc.
Ex 5: Show Johari Window Info , & Mention the Nohari Window – Breakout discussions
Pg 56
Ex 1: Extension for mythology? Comic books, less well known?
Ex 2: Key phrases from listening besides the phrasal verbs= to be honest, stay away from the whole, traditional moral tale, brilliant special effects, superb actors, managed to, life’s too short, relate to, in common with
Ex 3, 4, 5 = breakout rooms.

HW: Do the Johari Window with 2-5 friends and family members.
1. Analyze your findings and write your reflections from each “window”.