1. This/That
  2. HW – Share writings, check writings, review the samples.
  3. Vocab in context review through storytelling
  4. Pg 13 Ex 1
    1. Rephrasing for understanding & comprehension questions for vocab usage.
      1. Who is one person who encourages you? When did they encourage you and what happened because of it?
      2. Why is it worth it to learn English? Connect the hard work it will take for the dreams they wrote about in HW and why it will be worth it.
      3. What is one achievement in your life you take great pride in?
      4. When did you give up something in your life? What put you off it?
  5. Ex 2 – Pre teach, individual, pair check, share out.
  6. Vocab in Context New Words 
  7. Ex 3 – Listening
    1. Comprehension. Speaker 1 – What puts him off from being an astronaut? How does he describe the pictures of space?
    2. What did he think about playing games online in the beginning? Why was he playing the games online? How did he describe the music?
    3. How did he describe his experience making cards for kids? Did he think making cards for kids was worth it?
  8. Ex 4 – Listening
    1. What is something relaxing you do?
    2. What is stressful for you?
  9. Ex 5 – Preteach, individual, pairs, share out
    1. Student share examples
  10. Ex 6

HW: Create original sentences using ALL vocab old and from today!