NASSOS CPE1 26 October 2020


  • Speaking: respond to visual stimulus on a current topic, express opinion, describe a situation, guess the development of a situation.
  • Grammar: Review past tenses. Learn and practise using past forms to create distance from the present / indicate politeness or tentativeness.
  • Writing: practise writing a short narrative text.



  • Project 1 prep (Memory, part 2): Dementia/Alzheimer’s disease. Play “Still Alice” trailer to introduce Ss to this topic. Play a second clip (short scene from the same film). Ss respond to clips and discuss the onset and rapid progress of the disease and its disconcerting implications. They go on to discuss the notions of memories erased in the lab vs the loss of memory as a degenerating brain process.


  • Grammar: Check HW CB p 10, WB ex 2,3,4 p 6


  • Listening & Creative Writing: as a follow-up to CB ex 5 p 10, Ss work in groups and imagine a continuation of Ethan’s dream to write a short paragraph. They must use each narrative tense at least once. One S reads out paragraph to class – peer evaluation.

HW: CB ex 4,5,6,7 p 11, and a task on Edmodo.