NASSOS CPE1 6 November 2020


  • Speaking: express opinion / justify opinion, providing examples from real-life situations.
  • Vocabulary: learn and practise using new vocabulary that has to do with memories.
  • Grammar: Review past tenses / using past forms to create distance from the present / indicate politeness or tentativeness.
  • Exam skills: Listening Part 4 / UoE Part 2







  • Grammar: check HW WB p 6.
  • Vocabulary: check HW CB p 11.
  • Listening & Speaking CB p 12. Ss discuss different ways of recording memories (pairs). They go on to do a CPE Listening Part 4 task.
  • Speaking and UoE practice. Ss discuss doodling – a way to concentrate or a complete waste of time? (pairs). They go on to do a CPE open cloze task related to this topic.


HW: WB ex 1,3,4 p 7, ex 1-4 p 9 and a task on Edmodo.