• Speaking: describe past events (memories) / express personal opinion / support opinion, quoting personal experience / (dis)agree with posts on social media.
  • Reading: CPE exam skills. Use content clues in the paragraph before and/or in the paragraph after the gap to do the gapped text reading task.
  • Vocabulary: work out the meaning of new words/phrases in context.


  • CB U1 Lead-in. Ss discuss quote (pairs). Extension: T writes out My phone is… on W/B. Ss complete the sentence in a way that is true for them. They share their ideas with peers. They go on to discuss the three Qs on the page. One S from each group reports back to the class (groups).
  • Reading pp 8-9.
  • Vocabulary from gapped text and posts on social media:
  • Politicians have always tried to manipulate public opinion in their favour. (= influence / manage, often in devious ways, always to your advantage)
  • Koula’s idea of becoming a top fashion model can only be had in the realm ofdreams! (= kingdom / area / sphere)
  • Older people are finding it hard to keep up with sweeping advances in(= major breakthroughs happening fast)
  • Sotos hasan old-fashioned notion of what a modern relationship between a man and a woman is all about. (= idea / belief / opinion)
  • The lab tests were seriously flawed. All the mice died within 48 hours. (= incorrect / inaccurate / invalid)
  • What’s the earliest memory you can recall? (= remember / retrieve / recollect)
  • The advent ofsocial media has dramatically changed the way we communicate with each other. (= arrival, coming, appearance)
  • Koula’s research paved the way forthe development of a new cure for baldness. (= made progress or development easier)
  • As a young boy living in Costa Rica, I would freeze, and my heart would race, every time I saw a tarantula. (= be terrified, the sight of it would scare me silly)
  • For me, a visit to the dentist is the most unnerving experience! (inspiring fear, disconcerting)
  • Scientists warn global warming may have a wide-ranging ripple effect, with flooding and wildfires both on the menu. (= one event bringing on another, and so on)
  • There is heated debate on the ethics of(= controversy concerning the moral aspects of an issue)
  • Water is vital toour survival as a species. (= crucial to, most important)
  • I’ve got vivid recollections ofmy childhood on the island of Sumatra, growing up with Koula. (= lifelike memories)
  • “Koula loves her monsters” is a mind-blowinghorror film. (strongly affecting the senses, overwhelming)
  • The scene in which Koula cooks the monster scared me silly!(absolutely frightened me)
  • Once Koula had tasted her first monster,it was a slippery slope to having each one of them for dinner! (a situation that can easily lead to worse situations, or even disaster!)

HW: WB ex 1-4 pp 4-5