NASSOS CPE2 9 October 2020



  • CPE exam skills: UoE parts 1-4.
  • Vocabulary: work out the meaning of new word/phrases in context.


  • UoE practice pp 136-137 (pairs – class feedback)
  • Vocabulary:
    • The end of the Cold War was a defining moment for the world in more ways than one.
    • The welfare system was set up to provide a safety net for the poor.
    • I thought I’d have a shot at making my own wine. It turned out more like vinegar!
    • Icy conditions resulted in two roads being
    • Don’t miss out on the fantastic bargains in our summer sale.
    • Due to globalisation, lesser languages could fall by the wayside.
    • The fact that a party can be voted into power by a minority of the electorate calls into question the country’s electoral system.
    • As the saying goes, “Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched.”
    • These measures are designed to dilute public fears about the product’s safety.
    • Men who do the cooking are something of a rarity in this society.
    • Parents can sometimes overemphasize the need for children to succeed in sports.
    • I’m very apprehensive about tomorrow’s meeting.
    • Studying for the test is on the top of my list for this weekend.
    • Koula helps performers hone their skills as dancers and singers.


HW: CB ex 1-2 pp 134-135, WB Parts 1-2 p 100