• SPEAKING: exchange personal info / talk about someone you’ve just met / elicit info asking Qs – speculating / negotiate the development of a story / talk about (dis)likes / describe places
  • EXAM SKILLS: Listening Part 2



  • Ss elicit personal info about each other, they then present peer to class (pairs)
  • T writes 5 words/phrases on W/B about himself. Ss ask Qs to find out what each piece of info actually means in T’s life (class buzz)
  • Ss repeat process to elicit info about peers (pairs), They go on to present one or two things about peer they found most interesting/exciting.
  • U2 P 18: Ss discuss leisure activities shown in the pics (pairs).
  • Ss do the pre-listening vocabulary task. They go on to do the actual listening task. Post-listening speaking task ex 5 p 19 (groups – class)
  • HW: CB ex 1-2 p 19, ex 3 p 20, ex 1 p 21.