READING: Exam skills – multiple texts Part 7

GRAMMAR: use Past Tenses to sequence events / tell a story.

WRITING: collaborative production of a story, based on a set of given words / activate useful language for telling a story (for example, narrative tenses, adverbs, different types of connectives)




  • READING: ex 3-4 p 22-23
  • Active vocabulary:
    • Mollie is determined to achieve her goal of swimming across the lake.
    • Cold places don’t really appeal to me because I prefer the sun and the warmth.
    • I was awestruck by the view when we reached the top of the mountain. It was really beautiful.
    • We were all blown away by the incredible scenery.
    • Mary was really down in the dumps about cancelling the holiday.
    • Charlie was over the moon about his trip to Colorado.
    • The strong winds caused severe damage to the boats in the harbour.
    • Villagers are finding it difficult to cope with the number of tourists in the summer
    • Even though it is in the middle of nowhere, the hotel is easily accessible from the


  • GRAMMAR: Practice in Past Tenses – sequencing events (p 24 ex 1-4) (pairs).
  • GAME: Alphabet Stories.
  • WRITING: Ss use all the words they came up with to produce a story (groups). The story should be 150 words. Time limit 15 mins. Class feedback – vote for winner!


  • HW: WB ex 1 – 5, p 16