NASSOS Pre-FCE 23 November 2020


SPEAKING: describe a place at different times of the day. Talk about preferences. Express and support opinion.

READING: understand what a long article is about reading the title and the introduction. Skim-read a long text to get the gist of it.

VOCABULARY & GRAMMAR: revise language learned and practised in U2.




  • U2 revision: p 33-34
  • Intro to U4. Ss discuss Qs on p 49 (groups). Encourage the use of L to express preference, and justify it:
    • I prefer going out during daytime to walking around at night as it may be a bit unsafe.
    • I’d rather spend time in the city coz there’s plenty to do while I find the countryside beautiful but rather
    • I like the countryside better than the city. You know, it’s not nearly as noisy and crowded.
  • Speaking and Reading: ex 1-3 p 50.


  • HW: CB ex 5-6 pp 50-51, ex 1 and 3 p 52. A language test on Edmodo (U2). Write three examples of the L in speaking above.