VOCABULARY: learn words/phrases from the reading text in CB.

GRAMMAR: Review of Past tenses. Use Past Tenses to sequence events / tell a story.

WRITING: collaborative production of a story, based on a set of given words / activate useful language for telling a story (for example, narrative tenses, adverbs, different types of connectives)



  • Project 1: Ss present their work.


  • Active vocabulary:
  1. We wanted to go for a walk, but we ended up sitting in the car watching the rain.
  2. I was a bit nervous about rock climbing at first, but as time went by, I gained


  1. I won’t have access to my phone while I am on holiday, so don’t message me.
  2. If I am in bad mood it has an impact on the people around me. They might be


  1. Tourism can have a huge impact on small towns and villages, it can change them

quite a lot.

  1. I hope this trip lives up to my expectations!
  2. I’m really looking forward to going to Japan.
  3. Many families make a living by renting out rooms to visitors.
  4. Have you made a reservation at the hotel yet?
  • GRAMMAR: Practice in Past Tenses – sequencing events (p 24 ex 1-4) (pairs).
  • GAME: Alphabet Stories.
  • WRITING: Ss use all the words they came up with playing the game to produce a story (groups). The story should be 150 words. Time limit 15 mins. Class feedback – vote for winner!


  • HW: CB ex 1-2 p 25, ex 1,3,4, p27 and a task on Edmodo.