VOCABULARY: learn and practise using words and phrases to do with town and country.

GRAMMAR: revise and practise using conditionals.

EXAM SKILLS: Listening Part 3.




  • Grammar: check HW ex 1-3 p 52. More practice in using conditionals p 55.
  • Vocabulary: check HW p 53
    • Many agricultural workers work long hours.
    • 2. At first sight there didn’t appear to be much damage.
    • We shouldn’t do anything that puts our health at risk
    • She shouted ‘Help’ at the top of her voice
    • Yes, by all means bring Adam to the party.
    • This is by far the most beautiful city I have ever visited.
    • The test took me by surprise. I thought it was next week!
    • Don’t go out without your coat. You might catch a cold.
    • Tickets for the castle are sold at the entrance gate.
    • The shop assistant realised that the customer had tried to pay with a fake debit card.
    • We’d better leave now in case the bus is late
  • Listening p 54


  • HW: CB ex 3,4,6 p 56. Ex 3,4,5,6 p 58