Vassiliki/A class/M-W/14-1-2021


1. Check voc + WB: pg. 28-29, ex. 1, 2
2. Present NAV
3. Find similarities/differences btw the kinds of transport
4. Song: pg. 46-47

– study NAV
– SB: pg. 46, read the song
– WB: pg. 30, ex. 1, 2

8. After school, I get on my bike and I ride home.

9. I sometimes ride uphill and I get tired.

10. I like coasting downhill. But it is very fast and you have to be careful.

11. When I get home, I get off my bike and park it in the garage.

12. My mum gets the bus to work, but my dad gets the underground.

13. Jenny likes cereal for breakfast.