Vassiliki/A class/T-T/1-10-2020

3rd Lesson (2h)


  • Ckeck voc + WB
  • Present NAV
  • Board game (seasons/momths)
  • Numbers/operations/ordinal numbers
  • When is your birthday?

Check voc through quizlet: and WB: pg. 1, ex. 1/ pg. 2, ex. 3

Present NAV

Revise seasons through a video: and answer the questions of the video

Seasons (pg. 5): give descriptions of the seasons and ask for the their names. Show them the flashcards and ask them to repeat.

Word map consisting of seasons, months, activities, weather, clothes.

Play the board game as a class to practice seasons/months/weather.

SB: pg. 42, ex. 1: pause the audio after each row of numbers. Ask one student to repeat the numbers of that row, in order. Ask the class to repeat. Practice operations on the smartboard and then do ex. 2.

Draw Ss’ attention on page 7. Pause the audio after 5th. Point to each number in the photo as you say the number aloud. Say first, second, third, fourth, fifth. Ask Ss to point in their books and repeat. Continue to play the audio. Pause after every four numbers and ask Ss to repeat them aloud. Then, call out a number such as seventeen. Ask Ss to change the number to talk about order. Repeat with more numbers.

Ask them to draw 2-column table graphic organisers. Tell Ss to walk around the room asking one another When’s is your birthday? Ss should write notes in their tables. Tell them to write classmates’ names in the first column and their birthdays in the second. After a few minutes, ask Ss to share information about their classmates’ birthdays from their tables.

After that, ask them to stand up and be lined up according to the date of their birthday.



  • study NAV
1.       autumn/different “The trees are different colours. I can see orange, red and brown. What season is it?”  “It’s autumn.”
2.       month August is my favourite month because I go to the beach every day.
3.       thousand “How do we write one thousand euros in numbers?” “1.000.”
4.       million “How do we write one million euros in numbers?” ” 1.000.000.”
5.       billion “How do we write one billion euros in numbers?” ”″
6.       plus/equals Ten plus thirty equals forty.
7.       minus Ten minus thirty equals twenty.


SB: pg. 6, ex. 2