Vassiliki/A class/T-T/1-12-2020

1. Check voc + students’ maps
2. Present NAV
3. SB: pg. 33, check + write more questions
4. SB: pg. 34, directions

– study NAV
– WB: pg. 22, ex. 1/ pg. 27, ex. 1
– SB: pg. 35, ex. 1

27. Can you see the stars out there in space?
28. Scientists send satellites into space around the Earth.
29. A square has four sides.
30. This dress is a size ten.
31. There are seven continents and one hundred and ninety-five countries in the world.
32. I like exploring the forests.
33. He walked up to the hill and looked down on the town.
34. Batman is another famous action hero.
35. The candy was in the shape of an egg.
36. These sweets are delicious. Can I have some more, please?