Vassiliki/A class/T-T/19-1-2021


1. Check voc + WB: pg. 30, ex. 1, 2
2. Present NAV
3. Find similarities/differences btw the kinds of transport
4. I do, too (SB: pg. 48)

– study NAV
– WB: pg. 31, ex. 1, 2/ pg. 30, ex. 1, 2

11. When I get home, I get off my bike and park it in the garage.

12. My mum gets the bus to work, but my dad gets the underground.

13. Jenny likes cereal for breakfast.

14. You’re playing now. It’s your turn to throw a card.

15. It’s always exciting to see a colourful hot air balloon in the sky.

16. The whole family gathers at home every Sunday and has lunch.

17. The two girls have the same school bag but with different colour.

18. Leaves fall on the ground in autumn.