Vassiliki/A class/T-T/20-10-2020

Lesson Plan A class – Tuesday 20/10/2020

8th Lesson (2h)


  • Present NAV
  • Song listening and writing
  • Before/after

Check voc through quizizz ( collect photocopies/ check GIU: pg. 13, ex. 1.4

New Topic for SOTW (the best at telling the time)

Present NAV

Song time (SB: pg. 14-15): ask Ss to look at page 15 and elicit what they can see. Ask questions like (What animal can you see?/ Does the animal look happy or sad?/ Is the goat a pet?/ Do you have a pet?/ What pet do you have?)

Listen to the song and ask Ss to focus on the names of the animals and people they hear in the song. Ask them to show a different gesture for when they listen to an animal and another one for when they listen to a person.

Listen again and sing. Then, ask questions like (How does the girl take care of the cat?/ How does the girl take care of her sister?)

Ask Ss to add another verse in the song by writing what they love doing.

Tell them a story about yourself including after/before. Ss just listen. You tell the story again for Ss to listen and respond when you stop at some points of the story to check meaning. Use CCQs to check Ss understand the meaning of before/after. Do SB: pg. 16-17, ex. 1, 2

Extend: Say Let’s use a Who-How-When table to write about who we take care of, how we take care of them and when we take care of them.









Study voc

  1. My dad comes home at five o’clock in the afternoon.
  2. I have a lot of snacks in the day because I am hungry.
  3. I have to do my homework for school every day.
  4. I get up at half past seven in the morning.
  5. The boys play football at quarter past six.
  6. Mum comes back home at quarter to four.
  7. 24. How often do you go swimming?” “Every Tuesday and


WB: pg. 6, ex. 1, 2