Vassiliki/A class/T-T/23-2-2021


1. Check WB: pg. 45, ex. 1/ pg. 47, ex. 1
2. Check voc
3. NAV
4. look at the pictures and say
5. SB: pg. 69 (Look + Write)
6. objects – touch and say

– study NAV
– WB: pg. 46, ex. 2, 3, 4/ pg. 47, ex. 2

23. Today is a beautiful day but yesterday was a terrible day.

24. Today is a sunny day. Let’s go outside to play!

25. Close your eyes and imagine you’re a lion.

26. You have to brush your teeth before you go to bed.

27. I’m trying to find my keys but they’re nowhere.

28. Mum is wearing a ring on her finger.

29. Cats use their whiskers to feel things around them.

30. There are a lot of hairs on the sofa because I have a dog.

All students present!