Vassiliki/A class/T-T/24-9-2020

1st Lesson (2h)


  • get to know each other
  • set rules
  • create the basis for team spirit and sense of belonging


Introduce yourself as a teacher.

Get-to-know-you activity. Use the google spinner to get to know your students. Students have to say as many things as the number the spinner shows.

Get-to-know your teacher: On board write two truths and one lie about yourself. Have them guess which one is a truth and lie. Hand out a piece of paper to everyone. They write their truths and lie and we try to guess.

Like/Don’t like: Draw a table on the board. Two columns and two rows. Show flashcards about things you like and dislike. Let the students guess and blu tack the flashcards on the board and write spelling. Ask from the Ss to create their own table and talk about their likes/dislikes.

All about me w/s made by Philie: set Ss a time limit

Pre-teach vocabulary (surname, flat)

Play the ‘Find someone who…’ bingo game

Setting the rules: Watch a video with minions and classroom rules ( and then try to elicit from Ss the rules of your own class.


Do the Things in Common Graph if there is extra time left


Discuss about the notebooks