Vassiliki/B class/M-W/27-5-2020

  • check vocabulary
  • Present NAV
  • SB: pg. 86-87 (story) + ex. 2

study voc
WB: pg. 86, ex. 1, 2, 3

Manos, Danai + Iokasti not present


5. “What’s this stuff over there on the sofa?” “My new toys.”

6. “Your room is a mess. Tidy it up, please” mum told her daughter.

7. “Shall we stay at home or go outside and play?” “Let’s stay here.”

8. I can’t stay at this cafe any longer. I need to leave now. I have to cook lunch.

9. You mustn’t eat sweets before lunch. You can have some after you finish it.

10. “Children, you mustn’t talk during the lesson”, Mrs Wilson said.

11. You shake or hit the tambourine with your hand to play it.