Vassiliki/B class/T-T/1-10-2020

3rd Lesson (1h)


  • revise voc + check WB
  • present questions
  • practice forming questions + interviewing

Warm-up: revise vocabulary events through mining and drawing, let them guess the word you mime or draw. WB: p. 4, ex. 1, 2 (let them do them alone, supervise and check).

Present and practice present question forms through cards and a video accompanied by an activity (

SB: p. 5, ex. 1. Ss look at the picture, T elicits what they can see. Ss take turns to read out the questions, they predict the answers, compare ideas, listen to the recording, check predictions.

SB: p. 5, ex. 2. Ss listen to the recording, repeat the questions and give their own answers.

Let them create their own questions and interview their partner.


  • study NAV
  1. The Prince of Scotland killed the wolf. He was very brave.
  2. Riding a horse was an exciting adventure for little James.
  3. The journalist is interviewing Jack Coots, the famous explorer, now.
  4. The children explored the park near Matthew’s house.
  5. I can make a cake just like my mother’s!
  6. Don’t tell anyone. It’s a secret!
  7. Princess Anna lives in a castle.


  • WB: pg. 5, ex. 1, 2