Vassiliki/B class/T-T/13-10-2020

6th Lesson (2h)


  • write a quiz
  • present voc
  • practice listening skills
  • must/mustn’t

Remind Ss of the SOTW (the S trying to talk in English the most)

Check WB: 5, ex. 3/ pg. 8, ex. 1, 2

Write the quiz

Present NAV

Miming game

SB: pg. 10, listening

Introduce and practice must

SB: pg. 11, ex. 1

The perfect People Worksheet

Guessing game


Study NAV

  1. The king and the queen of Britain live in Buckingham palace
  2. The story of King Arthur and his knights is very popular
  3. Queens wear a golden crown on their heads.
  4. Knights don’t wear hats. They wear helmets!
  5. The queen is wearing a diamond necklace around her neck.
  6. Jane always wears her lucky bracelet around her arm.
  7. My jeans is a bit big. I need to wear a belt to keep it from falling
  8. Knights used a shield to cover and protect themselves


WB: pg. 10, ex. 1, 2