Vassiliki/B class/T-T/21-1-2021


1. Check voc + WB: pg. 36, ex. 1, 2/ GIU: pg. 37, ex.13.4/pg. 39, ex.14.1 Quiz
2. Present NAV
3. Inventors-how did they accidentally create their invention

– study NAV
– WB: pg. 37, ex. 1
– GIU: pg. 37, ex. 13.3

16. Jill was riding her bike when suddenly it started to rain.

17. A lot of people rushed to the shops to get the new iPhone 13!

18. When she told her dad she got an F in the test he didn’t react well, he started yelling at her.

19. Please, tidy up your bedroom and put your clothes in the wardrobe.

20. Ring the emergency services in case of fire.

21. If there’s fire at school, follow the escape route to get out of the building.

22. Teachers stay in the staff room when they don’t teach classes.

All students present!