Vassiliki/B class/T-T/22-10-2020

9th Lesson (2h)


  • Writing my verse
  • Subject and object pronouns

Check voc/ check WB: pg. 12, ex. 1, 2

Present NAV

Move on with th song make word chains with words from the song. Give them a 2-minute limit.

Ask Ss to write their own song. Activate their imagination by showing them some pictures from weird museums.

Introduce subject and object pronouns through NB/ go on with GIU: pg. 129, ex. 59.1, 2/ Further practice through a video ( Come back to SB: pg. 13 and give examples using give (e.g. Give us the pencil, please.) and elicit another way to say it (Give the pencil to us, please.)/ If there is time, play the Show me game/ WB: pg. 13, ex. 2

Story time: pg. 14-15


Study NAV

  1. Can I have a piece of cake, please?
  2. Cleo didn’t know anything about the missing statue of the gold cat.
  3. We drove to Thessaloniki and spent the night at a hotel.
  4. It’s dark in here. Can you switch on the light?
  5. Parents must treat their children with love.
  6. James wrapped the present to gave it to his friend for his birthday.
  7. You mustn’t make noise in the museum… You must be quiet!

WB: pg. 12, ex. 3

GIU: pg. 129, ex. 59.1, 59.4