Vassiliki/B class/T-T/24-9-2020

1st Lesson (2h)

⦁ get to know each other
⦁ set rules
⦁ create the basis for team spirit and sense of belonging

Warmer: Warmer: Play the Spinner game to know some things about the Ss
Students get to know some things about me.
All about me worksheet
Set the rules! (
Ss in 2 groups. Teacher draws this on the board. Elicit rules for noughts and crosses game. Explain that they have 10 minutes to make notes on things they can talk about for these topics. Use post its of two colours as counters.
They have to keep talking for 20 secs. If they have reasonably spoken for 20 secs in their turn they can place their post it on the square. If not they miss a turn and try again after the other team has had a turn.

school breaks extreme
cars dogs food
fruit music holiday

The team to score three post-its in a row wins the game.

Boys vs Girls UK Trivia. Give them the questions they answer . The team with the highest score wins.

Discuss about the notebooks