Vassiliki/B class/T-T/9-6-2020

  • check h/w and voc
  • present NAV
  • SB: pg. 88, 89 story
  • miming game (guess the musical instruments)
  • SB: pg. 84, song


study voc:

24. Our ball is on the roof of that house. How are we going to get it?

25. Sam and Ryan met last year. From that moment on they play together every day.

26. A strange sound is coming from the bathroom. Can you hear it too?

27. Swimming is a very good form of exercise.

28. “Why is Kate crying?” “She hit her leg against the corner of the table.

29. My kids are always full of energy. They run and play all day.

WB: pg. 88, ex. 3 (write the best story for SOTW)

Maria, could you send h/w to Damian? Thanks!