Vassiliki/C class/M-W/11-11-2020


  • check h/w
  • present projects
  • present NAV (Unit 2)
  • introduction to Minority languages
  • Discuss about minority languages and what are the good things about speaking a language only few people use. (SB: pg. 22, ex. 1, 2)


– study NAV

1. Please translate the text from Italian into English.
2. This change would allow more students to continue their education.
3. She was confident that she would win the game.
4. Anna dreamed of becoming a chef, so she took an additional course in cooking.
5. Not many people speak this language any more. It’s endangered.
6. It’s a shame you can’t come to the party with us.
7. When I woke up, I realised I was an hour late.
8. Two drug smugglers have been arrested by the police at the border.\

– SB: pg. 21, answer the questions on your notebook
– SB: pg. 22, ex. 2 (writing)

Can we send homework to Iokasti and the sentences from NAV to Stamatis, please?