Vassiliki/C class/M-W/28-9-2020

2nd Lesson (2h)
Present NAV
Write the unit title Happy days on the board. Ask Ss when they think people might use this expression (when sth good happens) or sarcastically when sth not so good happens.
Focus Ss’ attention on the photo on pg. 6. Ask them what they can see, where they think the people are and what they’re doing. Ask them to read the quote and put them into pairs and ask them to discuss whether they agree with the quote and why/why not. Conduct feedback with the whole class.
Put Ss into pairs to discuss the questions on pg. 6
Tell the Ss what a great day out is for you. Write where, when, what, who with on the board as prompts. Ss discuss a great day out for them in small groups.
Put the Ss into groups again and ask them to find five things they all have in common not related to school, etc. music, films, food, sport. Groups share what they have in common.
SB: pg. 6, ex. 2
Do ex. 3, 4 but through running reading
SB: pg. 7, ex. 6
Extend the questions:
1. Did you go walking in the countryside? Where did you go?
2. Did you learn a new skill? Was it difficult?
3. Did you travel to a new place? Did you like it?
4. Did you play a new game? What was the game?
5. Did you have a barbeque with friends? Where?
6. Did you try a new food or drink? Did you like it?
7. Did you take lots of photos? What did you take photos of?
8. Did you swim outdoors? How long did you swim for?

SB: pg. 7, ex. 7 (do the listening)
SB: pg. 8, ex. 9: Give Ss a few minutes to read the questions and make some notes about their answers. Encourage them to write key words rather than full sentences. Then, they do the activity in pairs.
SB: pg. 8, ex. 10: after you explain the scenario and Ss have read the suggested activities in the prompts, give them time to think about which activities the family would like the least and the best and why. Ss then work in pairs to do the task. Conduct feedback.
Speaking challenge: ask Ss to choose on of the topics and they have to talk for at least one minute meaningfully. Increase the time up to 1.30 minutes if they cope.
sth you saw on TV or at the cinema and enjoyed
sth new you tried
somewhere you like going

someone new you met recently
sth you do really well
sth you won

Study NAV
SB: pg. 6, answer questions 1, 2 (writing notebook)
SB: pg. 7, ex. 6