Vassiliki/C class/M-W/30-9-2020

3rd Lesson (2h)


Check voc + SB: pg. 6, questions/pg. 7, ex. 6

Do ex. 3, 4 but through running reading

SB: pg. 7, ex. 7

Put the Ss into groups again and ask them to find five things they all have in common not related to school, etc. music, films, food, sport. Groups share what they have in common.

SB: pg. 8, ex. 10: after you explain the scenario and Ss have read the suggested activities in the prompts, give them time to think about which activities the family would like the least and the best and why. Ss then work in pairs to do the task. Conduct feedback.

Speaking challenge: ask Ss to choose on of the topics and they have to talk for at least one minute meaningfully. Increase the time up to 1.30 minutes if they cope.

sth you saw on TV or at the cinema and enjoyed  

sth new you tried


somewhere you like going


someone new you met recently


sth you do really well


sth you won


Writing pg. 8 (set for h/w)

Present NAV

Lead-in pg.9


  • study NAV

12. I don’t really know who she
hangs out with.

13. Bill’s so messy.
He doesn’t even tidy up his room.

14. Can you find how to make
cupcakes in the recipe book?

15. The children were collecting
shells on the beach.

16. I’m really fed up with this rain.
I want the sun to finally come out.

17. Many children are afraid of the dark.

18. I’m really bad at chess.
I always lose when I play!

19. Kevin’s mother is really bossy. She
even tells Kevin what he should wear or eat!

20. I feel much more confident about
myself and my skills these days.

  • Write 2 sentences about: 1. sth you saw on TV or at the cinema and enjoyed 2. something new you tried  3. somewhere you like going  4. someone you met recently  5. something you do really well