Vassiliki/C class/M-W/7-10-2020

5th Lesson (2h)



  • practice listening and reading skills
  • revise present simple vs present continuous


SOTW: the S talking in English the most


Check voc + SB: pg. 13, ex. 1, 3


Watch again  and answer the question “Why do the teens feel stressed?”


Present them your Identity Box and tell them about important things that define you. Also show them as an extra example. Ask Ss to think of any words that could describe themselves and share with a partner. Then, they present their partner’s identity in class.


Comment on the 3 pictures on SB: pg. 10 and practice reading skills with ex. 2, 4, 5


Revise present simple vs present continuous


GIU: pg. 7, ex. 3.1, 3.2




  • Create your own identity box and bring it in class
  • Revise NAV
  • GIU: pg. 3, ex. 1.1