review what st. have learnt about family groups.

st.book p.31  ex.1 students cut out their stickers [tortoise,toucan, bee, cow, penguin, fly, snake, fox]

and stick in the animal family groups[ mammals,birds,reptiles, insects]

st.book p.32 ex.1  [pre- teach half]  st.listen and  draw  a strange animal .Example  half lion and half crocodile , half bear and half snake, half parrot and half zebra.



The hippo comes from Africa.

It lives in rivers.

It eats grass.

st.book p.32 ex.2  model    Draw a strange animal and write about it. [on a piece of paper]  Στήν άσκηση 2 ύπαρχουν δύο κείμενα που θα σας βοηθήσουν να γράψετε το δικό σας κείμενο  για το περιέργο ζωάκι που θα ζωγραφίσετε. Example: This is my animal. It’s half tiger and half crocodile . It’s yellow. It eats…..

w/b p.30 ex.1