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German is the main language of 96.75 million people in Europe, a number that corresponds to 13.3% of Europeans. It is the second most widely spoken first language after Russian (150 million speakers in Europe).

It is also the third most widely taught language after English and French and one of the official languages of the European Union. German is the second language (after English) in order of use on the internet, while more than 8% of the internet pages are in German.

At PAPADIMITRIOU Foreign Language Centers, we offer a complete course in German that develops comprehension of texts, auditory comprehension, written expression with rich vocabulary and appropriate structures and especially oral expression. Our students are able to successfully take the German language exams at the Goethe-Institut. We also make sure to acquaint our students with German culture and prominent German personalities.

Why learn German

  • The language of the business world. Good knowledge of the German language increases your potential for a career in Greece and around the world.
    The language of tourism. Tourism is an industry that is and will continue to grow globally. In Greece it is evolving into an increasingly important factor of the economy.
  • Research and Science: German is the second language after English in research and technology.
    Communication: Developments in the media, information technology and communications industries make multilingualism essential. A number of important websites are in German. The annual book circulation in Germany ranks it 5th in the world among 87 countries, after the United Kingdom, the USA, China and Russia.
    [Wikipedia, 2010].
  • Cultural approach: Learning German means gaining an idea of ​​the life, desires and dreams of people in German-speaking countries and their multicultural society.
    Travel: Experience your travel experiences to the fullest through your knowledge of German in German-speaking countries.
    Literature, Music, Art and Philosophy: German is the language of Goethe, Kafka, Mozart, Bach and Beethoven. Enjoy reading and listening to their literary and musical masterpieces in their original language.


  • Study and work opportunities in Germany: Germany awards a large number of scholarships to study at the country’s universities.