Fionnuala PR2 13/10/2021


  • Play warm up games
  • Review HW and vocabulary from previous lesson (Classroom commands)
  • Present a picture story
  • Award SOTW




  • Review previous lesson vocabulary through warm up game: Simon Says.
  • Review HW – Dictation and WB pg7 ex 1+2
  • Review names of the four Superfriends from the book and discuss their powers and which is their favourite.
  • SB pg 8-9. Teach ‘burglar’. Students listen to and repeat the story frame by frame. Check understanding of new words.
  • WB pg8 : Review phrases from story – complete ex 1+2
  • Put students in groups to roleplay story.
  • SOTW




Cx3 + D Burglar/ Check this out./We’ve got them.