Vassiliki/A class/M-W/26-10-2020

10th Lesson (2h)


  • Revise time
  • Practice speaking
  • Present and practice simple present

Remind Ss of SOTW (best at telling the time)/ check voc and WB: pg. 8, ex. 3/ 9, ex. 2

Revise time/ SB: pg. 18, ex. 1, 2

Present NAV

Tell them a story about yourself and your friend Valentina. Try to introduce present simple and the idea of habits. Check meaning of the story first and then of the time adverbials. Do the guided discovery to focus on form/meaning more.

GIU: pg. 21, ex. 5.3

SB: pg. 19, ex. 1, 2

Halloween time (


Study NAV

  1. Tigers live in the wild.
  2. My uncle is my mother’s brother.
  3. The zookeeper always helps the visitors at the zoo.
  4. It’s hard work to clean the monkey’s house.

WB: pg. 10, ex. 2

GIU: pg. 21, ex. 5.1, 5.2