– Nursery Groups / PreSchool Programmes

Specially designed programs for children aged 5-6 years old. Children take their first steps in English in a fun and engaging way. Our goal is for them to develop a love for the foreign language. Our young students require appropriate stimuli, movement, a pleasant environment, and plenty of encouragement from experienced teachers.

  • Songs
  • Games & crafts
  • Video activities
  • Flashcards games
  • Theater games and performances

– Courses for Primary age learners 

Programmes specially designed for children aged 6-8 years old. Our educational philosophy is based on children’s inherent tendency to communicate, experiment, discover, and experience the new language. Our goal is to foster the development of their personalities, inherent creativity, and various skills.

We believe that a modern foreign language program for children of this age should not focus on copying and spelling, but rather engage them actively in constructing their own knowledge

– Middle Level Courses

Our teaching model diverges from traditional approaches where the teacher constantly speaks and instructs while students passively follow. Instead, our students actively participate, “construct” their knowledge, discuss their conclusions with classmates, revise them, make discoveries, and become active participants in their own learning process.

Choose from our flexible weekly Middle Level classes designed for our teenage students. Students also have the opportunity to participate in the Cambridge language examinations (KET & PET)

– Upper Intermediate / B2 for School Courses

We offer Upper Intermediate / B2 for School courses, a specialized preparation program for B2 level exams (Common European Framework). The aim is to improve students’ language skills and self-confidence in both oral and written communication, and of course, achieve success in obtaining the Cambridge B2 language proficiency certificate.


– Proficiency Course
For those seeking proficiency in English, we provide an intensive Proficiency Course, preparing students for the Proficiency Cambridge Exam (C2 Level) 

– IELTS / TOEFL Exam Prep Courses
Tailor made programmes for IELTS exams 

– Summer School
During the summer months, we offer our Summer School program, which includes intensive language courses held in June and July. ISC (Intensive Summer Courses) take place daily at our school on Pandrosou Street in the morning hours, lasting for 4-5 weeks.

These courses are designed for high-achieving students and cover the curriculum thoroughly.


English for Business

New program BUSINESS English online
Improve your English from home or office!
Improve your career prospects with a course that will allow you to play a more active role in your business meetings and communicate with more confidence.

If you wish, you can take the Cambridge Business English Certificate exam at the end of the program.

Business terminology programs with emphasis on the following skills:

Professional presentations
Commercial and business correspondence (e-mail / correspondence)
Telephoning / video conferencing (developing telephone / video conferencing skills)
Marketing Strategies
Human Resource Management
Public relations
Financial terminology

English for Medicine

English for Medical Professions, Nurses and Pharmacists.

Specially designed programs for the special needs of the Medical world.

Our center designs and implements training programs for pharmaceutical companies, medical instrument companies (General Electric Helthcare, Euromedic, AFFIDEA) and private Doctors in P. Faliro, Alimos and N. Smyrni

English for Law

English for LAW – English for Lawyers. An essential tool for an international career in legal science. If you wish, you can take the Cambridge Esol International Legal English Certificate / ILEC exam at the end of the program.

Cambridge English continuously updates and revises its services and as a result, decided not to continue to offer ILEC

Contact our school for alternative certificate suggestions.

University Exams

University Exams – Special preparation for Panhellenic Examinations for the foreign language (English, German, French, Spanish).

These classes start in January.

Call the secretariat for information. tel 2109851577

Adult Language Courses / General English

Adult Language Courses / General English
Our school has been offering Adult Courses for a number of years. These courses are specially designed high-speed programs that meet your needs.
The development of oral speech is the main goal of these programs.
We use authentic material (internet, magazines, newspapers, hotel programs, travel brochures) and encourage the use of language from the first lessons.

The modules provided are: 3 LEVELS / ELEMENTARY – INTERMEDIATE – ADVANCED.