French is the language with a dynamic presence on all five continents and with around 600 million speakers as a mother tongue, first or second language. In Europe it is spoken by 72 million French speakers as their mother tongue (France 65 million, Belgium 4.5 million, Switzerland 1.5 million). Outside of Europe, it is spoken by 10 million in Canada, 8 in Haiti along with French Creole and by 160 to 500 million speakers who use it as a second language but also first, such as in Belgian Congo, C Εte d’Ivoire and Cameroon.

Is an official language in various communities and organizations, such as the European Union, the International Olympic Committee, the United Nations (at the UN it is an official language along with English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Arabic) and the only official language for the Universal Postal Union.

French is an important language in the tourism sector.
Knowing French makes it easier to learn European languages.
France is an important commercial and industrial hub.
Greece belongs to the World Organization of French (OIF).
It is the 2nd official language of any NATO – UN – Doctors Without Borders.
52 countries – states have it as an official language.

The aim of the French language courses at the PAPADIMITRIOU Language Centers is to give our students the opportunity to communicate, understand and express themselves, both in written and spoken language with confidence. We also make sure to acquaint our students with French culture and prominent French personalities.

At the end of each level students have the opportunity to participate in the DELF diploma exams (internationally recognized official certifications of the French Ministry of National Education)

French Language Coordinator: Ms Matina Bousiouta