Spanish is a widely spoken language and the fourth most widely used language in the world. It is spoken as the first language by about 500 million people. It is considered the second most important language after English in the Western world, thanks to its growing spread in the USA, the growing economy of the Spanish-speaking world and its influence on the music industry and world literature. The aim of the Spanish language courses at the PAPADIMITRIOU Language Centers is to give our students the opportunity to communicate, understand and express themselves, both in written and spoken language with confidence. We also make sure to familiarize our students with the different cultures of the Spanish-speaking world.

Spanish language courses are offered at four levels:

– For beginners (initial F2F & Online Classes)
– Medium (intermedio – F2F Classes)
– Advanced (avanzado – Online class)
– Superior (Online Class)

At the end of each level students have the opportunity to participate in the exams for certification of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE – Diplomas de Espanol como Lengua Extranjera) / Cervantes Institute:

  • DELE Α1 (Diploma Α1)
  • DELE A2 (Diploma A2)
  • DELE Β1 (Diploma B1)
  • DELE Β2 (Diploma B2)
  • DELE C1 (Diploma C1)
  • DELE C2 (Diploma C2)

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